patented and guaranteed to be 95% thorn freeguide to rose care

Smooth Touch thornless roses are treated in the same manner as roses with thorns and require an open, sunny and well drained position in your garden. For optimum growth and beautiful flowers, at least 5 - 6 hours of sunshine is required daily.

How to Plant your Potted Rose
Plant in a sunny, well-drained spot. Dig the soil thoroughly over an area about twice as wide as the pot. Heavy clay or very sandy soil can be improved by digging in lots of compost or very old manure (do not add fresh manure or fertilizer). Dig the hole to a depth which results in the top of the root mass being at the same level as the surrounding soil, and place the plant in it. Fill in around it but leave a ring-shaped depression a few inches deep around the plant. Water well and let it drain away a couple of times before filling it in and covering the area with a mulch (keep it away from the stem). Keep moist, and when new growth appears apply a light dressing of rose fertilizer to the top of the mulch and give a good deep watering.

Smooth Touch Roses are very easy to care for. To fertilize, simply add a handful of controlled-release fertilizer in the early spring.

Key Facts & Growing Guide

  • Hardy in Zones 5-11 ~ In Zones 7 & below, protect over winter by mulching 12” up the plant
  • Prefers 6-7 hours of sun
  • Dig a approximately twice as wide as your pot & place plant in hole. Fill with soil as needed, add the rose food & water thoroughly.
  • Full rounded bush, grows to a height & width of 3 - 4ft
  • Cut plant back to 1/3 in late spring
  • Excellent for the garden and as cut flowers
  • Add a handful of Controlled Release fertilizer each spring
  • Happy Thorn-Free Gardening!